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A gift from Sony. You’ll pick it up at the PS Store

During this year’s event The Game Awards announced Death Stranding 2, a continuation of the popular game in which the player plays the role of a courier. This unusual title, although it may seem extremely boring according to the descriptions, is in fact an absorbing story. So it’s no wonder that the universe won’t end with one installment.

Moreover, Kojima confirmed that Death Stranding will also reach a whole new audience. It turns out that on the occasion of the sequel to the game, we will also see a full-length live action film set in this unusual post-apocalyptic world.

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Now gifts have also been announced for all PlayStation Network users. It is a package of free avatars that can be used on the Sony platform. Just use the appropriate code.

In the case of Europe, a code for the PS Store that will grant access to four free avatars from Death Stranding 2 is EHNA-6MNB-PGL5. This code can be redeemed on the PlayStation Store via a web browser, mobile app or PlayStation console app.

It may not be the most delightful gift ever given on PlayStation Network, but it’s fair to say that it’s not much for free, and the new avatars can come in handy to refresh your profile. On the other hand, the illustrations prepared by Kojima Productions also do not catch the heart. One thing is certain – this information will certainly reach a large number of users, so the goal will be achieved.

Karol Kołtowski, journalist of Polygamia

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