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Awesome Fallout trailer. It was created by fans of the series

Series games Fallout started a universe that has been developed for several decades, and lovers of post-apocalyptic climates have a real feast with them. Sometimes players are looking for ways to somehow pay homage to one of their favorite productions, the perfect example of which is a fan-made trailer live actionthat was inspired Fallout 76.

It all begins with the narrator stating that most certainly love America, but unfortunately America has failed. The screen shows idyllic moments, probably taking place before the global nuclear conflict, which changes after a while. We witness the explosion of one of the first atomic bombs, and then we are instantly transported to a completely different reality.

The whole thing has been very carefully prepared and a lot of details have been taken care of. It made an impression on me a ghoul show, a pretty cool looking Pip-Boy as well power armor in action. In fact, I wouldn’t mind seeing an entire movie made in this style.

On the YouTube page, under the video, you can read a short message from the owner of the channel, who indicates that he is aware of the uninteresting premiere Fallout 76. Despite this, he would like to emphasize that he had a lot of fun with the title and ultimately spent many nice moments with the game. In his opinion Fallout 76 it has something unique about it.

This is a good time to remind you about one of the interesting theories, which is supposed to be an attempt to explain ghouls in such a way as to allow their existence even in the real world. This is, of course, just a game of thinking and guessing, although there are numerous references to very cool trivia. Article below.

Fallout ghouls could exist. Fascinating explanation

Fallout ghouls could exist. Fascinating explanation

Marcin Hołowacz, journalist of Polygamia

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