Bray Wyatt thanks The Undertaker after RAW 30

Bray Wyatt shared the ring with The Undertaker during RAW 30, and publicly thanked the WWE legend post-show.

The special episode of RAWwhere the 30th anniversary of the show was being celebrated, gave so many emotions to the WWE Universewhich has been able to witness incredible returns, such as that of the Deadman, which also meant a lot to Wyatt.

The former Fiend, after the show, in fact, posted a beautiful message to thank Taker.

Bray Wyatt’s tweet

The Undertaker is back as American Badass (HERE the article) during the last episode of Monday Night RAWdedicated to the thirtieth anniversary of the show, where he shared the stage with Bray Wyatt.

A few hours after the show, Wyatt shared a beautiful message on Twitter, where he declares he is proud that he has never changed to adapt to various situations, to then thank Taker:

“This moment meant a lifetime of sacrifices for me. A life where people treated my uniqueness as if it were a disease. In all the difficult moments I have never changed myself to fit someone else’s story. I am proud of it. Thanks Taker”

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