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Cheaper Xbox Game Pass? Microsoft has a plan you’re not going to like

It was cheap already – some industry information is published under such an ominous-sounding title. You don’t have to look for examples long: the more expensive PlayStation 5 consoles, the new Xbox price standard or the Steam platform, which also follows this trend.

However, we can find some clues on the web that suggest that Microsoft may be preparing a cheaper version of Xbox Game Pass. One of the Internet users shared a survey, which shows that a cheaper version of the service would have some limitations.

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A cheaper version of Xbox Game Pass

Some Xbox users received an interesting survey. Microsoft wants to know the opinions of players about it truncated versionand Xbox Game Pass. And of course correspondingly cheaper. Below you will find a photo-slider: the original image and its translated version.

Translated survey
Xbox Game Pass Survey

Xbox Game Pass Survey

Photo source: © | AlmalexiaPhoto source: ©

Xbox Game Pass restrictions

The cheaper version is (according to these reports) to cost 2.99 euros, is to be intended only for one user and, importantly, is to contain radvertisements that will be displayed before the start of the game.

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The end of cheap codes. Microsoft is liquidating the source of cheap games

The end of cheap codes. Microsoft is liquidating the source of cheap games

There are more differences. The cheaper Xbox Game Pass will not allow you to play in the cloud. Users of such a subscription will also not get exclusive titles on the day of release; it can be inferred from the survey that such games will be unlocked after six months of release. The lack of access to EA Access is another limitation, and it is under question “access to over 100 games”.

Microsoft and cheaper electricity bills

This is not the first time that Microsoft collects feedback on potential solutions. Recently, the problem of rising electricity prices has been noticed, which was also associated with a survey.

David Nield, journalist of Polygamia

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