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Creator of God of War charmed by Polish Evil West. “I could be inspired by this game”

Industry legend, creator of the series God of War and twisted metalthat is David Jaffe himself, he appreciated the actions of the Polish team under the banner in crude words Flying Wild Hogs.

Evil Westafter many loud announcements, enters the market and it is safe to say that it is quite a successful debut. Let’s take a look at the ratings on Steam: over 1,000 ratings, 80% of which are from Steam. reviews are positive. The best recommendation may be the words of the creator God of War.

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The Bad West is good – David Jaffe confirms

David Jaffe definitely recommends Evil Westand if that wasn’t enough, he believes that the work of the Polish studio is extremely inspiring. His statement on social media leaves no doubt.

“I could be inspired by this game”

If I was creating a series today God of Warit’s a game Evil West would serve as inspiration – provided by the legendary developer. The combat mechanics, which he describes as, have not escaped the attention “super satisfying” which is by the way often mentioned in reviews as solid asset.

David’s ambitious plans

David Jaffe not only praises Polish games, and even cooperates with Polish companies. Recently, we informed about the details of a new production for consoles and PC, which is to be kept in the horror convention and will be the result of joint efforts Detail Games and Movie Games.

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David Nield, journalist of Polygamia

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