Deep pain in motorsports: Carlos Pairetti, the pilot who made it to the movies and became a legend of the TC, died at the age of 87

Book “The Orange Thunder roars again” With the helmet he used in his campaign.

Motor racing is in deep pain over the death of the legend of the Highway Tourism Carlos Pairetti. The former champion will be veiled in a closed drawer in Arrecifes, where he had his personal museum that recalls his glory days in motorsport. The charismatic former pilot suffered from serious respiratory and cardiological deficiencies, which worsened his health condition, and he died at 87 yearsas confirmed to Infobae your son Tim.

The historic former champion had experienced a deterioration in his health, since in recent times the lung and heart conditions. The popular idol that had been consecrated in 1968 with the mythical orange thunder He was going through a picture of respiratory and cardiac deficiencies, to which kidney problems had been added.

The pair He had also suffered from bilateral pneumonia with which he was hospitalized a little over a month ago in the Arrecifes Municipal Hospital, to later be transferred to a hospital in Pergamino. Some time ago, the illustrious member of the “Cradle of Champions” of Arrecifes had also overcome a CVA.

Carlos Alberto Pairetti, champion of the TC in 1968 with the remembered Thunder Orange, the only sport prototype that established itself in the octogenarian category, where he achieved 22 victories. He won with four marks, Chevrolet, Ford, Dodge (with a 1500 model) and gave the only win to Volvo in the specialty, in the 1965 Speed ​​Week in Villa Carlos Paz. He was one of the first to be a broker hired by a terminal. His professionalism led him to change Chevy a Ford From overnight. As if a footballer went from Mouth a River. In a few years it transcended into sports and was a pioneer in being the visible face of various products. A true rock stars of the national sport of 50 years ago.

“In 1970 I participated in Always love You, where i folded it to sandro, who played a pilot. But he was very hooked, he liked speed and he even got to drive the race car, a sports prototype and ended up overturning it at the Oscar Cabalén Race Track in Alta Gracia. I became very close friends with Sandro and he gave me such a handle that I ended up getting hooked on acting. It was his fault (laughs). The director of that movie was Leo Fleider and he offered me to do “Test Pilot”. There he played myself. I also dubbed Ricardo Bauleo, who was my brother in the film”, he had revealed in one of his last interviews with Infobae.

He also tried unsuccessfully to run the 500 Miles of Indianapolis in 1970. Although this opened the doors for him to be the only Argentine who competed in the 300 Miles of Rafaela in 1971 in the mythical Santa Fe oval (it is longer than the one in Indianapolis). That was IndyCar’s only visit to the country and the first time the American division raced abroad. His career is completed with his time at the local and international level in Sport Prototypes, National Tourism, Formula 1 Mechanical Argentina (F-1 MA) and even created a category, the extinct Club Argentino de Pilotos.

Last year, the Deliberative Council of Reefs declared “Distinguished Citizens” to his beloved sons Carlos Alberto Pairetti, Nestor Jesus Garcia Veiga, and the missing Ruben Luis Di Palma Y Carlos Marincovichknown as the “Poker of aces”.


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