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Diablo 4. Probable Release Date Leaks

Diablo 4 apparently finds himself in the role of the main character of the leaks. It started innocently, because the reveal of the character creator and the avalanche started. First, a modest, 40-minute gameplay was revealed Diablo 4and then “a bit” longer fabric from beta testing.

The leaks also include the release date Diablo 4. We wrote about it in November Diablo 4 may debut in April 2023, and the official release date will be announced at the gala The Game Awards 2022. And more and more signs suggest that indeed something is up.

Diablo 4 with a probable release date

An Internet user hiding behind a pseudonym Aggiornamenti Lumia, is known to the gaming community as the one who scours Microsoft Store data quite rigorously for interesting information. And behold the next installment of the virtual investigation: this time he dug up to the release date Diablo 4.

This leak says a lot about Diablo 4

According to these unofficial reports, Diablo 4 is to have a global premiere on June 5, 2023, and by then (if the date is true, of course) we should prepare 80 GB on our drives. The creator of the leak also listed potential editions of the game: Standard, Digital Deluxe and Ultimate.

What about Blizzard?

Of course, this is unofficial information, but it’s worth looking at Blizzard’s actions. Diablo’s official Twitter profile published a short video of the character makes a gesture of invitation. All with a hashtag “LilithIsComing”. Recall that Lilith will be the main antagonist of the upcoming production.

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The Game Awards 2022

Perhaps we will know the official release date during the gala The Game Awards 2022. The event will take place on December 9 at 1:30 am Polish time.

David Nield, journalist of Polygamia

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