Dustin Rhodes wishes Cody was still in AEW

Dustin Rhodes host of Talk is Jericho has revealed that he will follow his brother Cody’s adventure in WWE but wishes he was still in AEW.

The Natural is writing the last pages of his career in this experience in All Elite Wrestling started in 2019 when a Double or nothing faced his brother Cody in a five star match.

Life brought theAmerican Nightmare away from AEW with Dustin left to help the Jacksonville promotion grow further.

Dustin Rhodes talks about his brother

Host on Chris Jericho’s Podcast, Dustin Rhodes talked about his brother Cody. Here are his words:

“Seeing him return to WrestleMania was amazing and I won’t be missing out on any of his work. He is about to become a champion. I really think he’s done a great job in the last eight for what he’s built.

It’s very professional. He is very different from me. We are two completely opposite people. He has a creative mind like my father’s. I’m more of the hard worker in the family, but he’s getting over everything. He is doing amazing things. He’s great, but yeah, I wish he was still here.”

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