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Free multiplayer this weekend. PlayStation Plus will not be needed

PlayStation owners who do not yet have access to a PlayStation Plus subscription will be able to try its online features on their favorite games this weekend.

The promotion will start December 10 and will last until Sunday, December 11, until 23:59. It will be available to all PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 users without an active PlayStation Plus subscription.

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To conduct online games, the basic version of the subscription is enough, i.e PlayStation Plus Essential. In this case, there are no changes compared to the previous version, because as you know, Sony has redefined the PS Plus service this year.

PlayStation Plus Essential allows subscribers to play online and offers monthly access to subscription games. You can pick up this month:

  • Divine Knockout: Founder’s Edition
  • Mass Effect: Legendary Edition
  • biomutant

When it comes to the price of the basic PS Plusthe costs vary depending on the form of subscription: 1 month costs PLN 37, 3 months costs PLN 100, and 12 months costs PLN 240.

Dead Space and Dead Space Remake. Here is a version comparison

Dead Space and Dead Space Remake. Here is a version comparison

So this coming weekend we can enjoy online gameplay, without having a subscription. This is a great opportunity to check how the new, free expansion looks like Elden Ring.

David Nield, journalist of Polygamia

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