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From telephone operator in a pizzeria to world youth boxing champion: the double life of Argentine Ezequiel Palaversic

From telephone operator in a pizzeria to world youth boxing champion: the double life of Argentine Ezequiel Palaversic

Ezequiel Palaversic Defeated The Dominican By Unanimous Decision

Ezekiel Palaveric, Buenos Aires, Argentina. his profile on LinkedIn says since June 2016 He is a cashier at one of the best-known fast food companies on the planet (the one with the M). He also states that he has time availability full timecomputer skills, completed high school and a “basic” level of reading, writing and conversation in English.

However, this information is outdated since today, if I were to reform his job profile, I would also have to add that he is the Junior World Champion of the World Boxing Council (WBC) in the super featherweight category, a title disputed by great boxers such as Saúl Canelo Álvarez, Julio César Chávez Jr. and Danny García, among many others, in their respective divisions.

Founded in 1999, the championship created by one of the four most prestigious organizations in the boxing world became an ideal setting for young talents that they began to take their first steps in professional boxing and that they are trained to one day become world champions.

In turn, in dialogue with InfobaeEzequiel also clarifies (laughing) that There is another fact to correct in your resume. It is that in addition, had to change jobs to be able to combine training schedules. In that box, now it would go: “Pizzeria telephone operator Catanzaro”.


“I started working at the age of 14 handing out flyers to help at home. Later I became a telephone operator in the pizzeria, and I spent two and a half years in the McDonald’s out of supply but in the end I went back to the pizzeria which is where I am today because It is what best suits my training schedules”explains the new WBC junior champion.

“It’s an amazing thing to be world champion after everything I’ve been through. It’s something beautiful and I think it was seen when they gave me the belt… I let out an impressive cry, “acknowledges Ezequiel, who lived a complicated childhood and found in sports an escape from reality.

After making a kind of tour of the capital (he passed through Villa Urquiza, Villa del Parque and Caballito), at the age of 23, the Argentine settled in La Paternal where he lives with his mother and brothers. “When I was younger I lived with my old man too, but they got divorced and I went with them”details.

“I had a father with addictions, problems at home, yelling, insults. Thank God there was never any physical violence but things always broke in the house, the police came, the neighbors found out… and I ran away to train. There I found a place to clear my head and where I got away from everything”recalls Ezequiel, who was 14 at the time.


Boxing came into his life as a reason to distance himself from problems, but little by little it became something more personal: “I started with some twists and turns because being a boy I didn’t know what I wanted to do. But at 16 I got into it, I said: ‘This is for me’ “, ensures.

From that moment on, the training sessions at the Comunicaciones club became more intense to the point of becoming a professional. “I started with them as an amateur in 2017 and we continue working together until now”adds Ezequiel, who had to change jobs to accommodate training schedules.

“When I was an amateur I didn’t do double shifts as much because my coach didn’t want to, but since I became a professional I always do the physical part in the morning (with his coach Juan Manuel Hernández) and what is boxing in the afternoon (with Luis Nieva, Fabián Montemagno and Damián Rosati)”.

As far as work is concerned, Ezequiel is the night shift telephone operator at the pizzeria. Catanzaro of Villa Urquiza, to which he returned three days after becoming world champion: “Last week I took the whole week to get to the fight well. I had worked on Tuesday and then I didn’t work any more until this Tuesday that I already rejoined… I could have taken a few days off but I didn’t ask for them.”

Ezequiel Palaversic became WBC Junior World Champion

Ezekiel Palaveric you will never forget the night of August 13, 2022 in the República de Venezuela Complex (Bolívar), which he reached after accumulating five victories and one defeat. A victory against the Dominican Jairo Burgos full of emotion, especially for the sacrifice involved in taking the plunge and becoming a professional boxer.

“You move away from your family, your partner, your friends. My family works from three in the afternoon to twelve at night. I get up at seven in the morning and they are sleeping. When I come back they have already gone to work and I work at night. I hardly cross them and we live in the same place, ”she laments.

“I try to make time to see my girlfriend and my friends, but it’s hard. If they get together on a Friday or a Saturday, I can’t because I train early the next day. The same thing happens with birthdays, but hey… it’s adapting to the life of a professional athlete”, reflects Ezequiel at 23 years old.


With his sports team, where in addition to coaches and physical trainer, he is accompanied by a sports psychologist (Diego Mc Guire), a nutritionist (Alejandro Ardiles) and a kinesiologist (Hernán Castillo), The Argentine is already thinking about what the defense of the title will be.

“I am 23 years old, I had my birthday in June, so I have ten months to defend the belt”, indicates. The WBC Junior World Title Championship it can be contested by boxers up to 23 years and 11 months as specified in the official regulations. At the same time, the main fights are held over 10 rounds of three minutes with a minute of rest in each.

“I think that one or two defenses I will be able to make. These days I am resting but the main idea is to enter the rankings and win as much as possible”, concludes Ezequiel, whose future wish is to continue growing little by little until he becomes world champion.


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