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Games in education. Minecraft will help Ukrainian children learn Polish

It is not known from today that Minecraft is a production loved by younger players. The game is flexible and often the only limitation in the gameplay is your own creativity. Hence the amazing projects created by the community and hence Minecraft helps with education. Here’s another example of how you can use the game constructively.

Foundation Digital Dialogue joins forces with Microsoft, and the result of the cooperation is a project “I speak Polish from Minecraft!”. It is intended to help Ukrainian children integrate and learn Polish. According to the declaration of the Minister of Education, currently 185,000 students attend Polish schools. children of refugees from Ukraine, and one of the main challenges is linguistic integration with peers.

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Minecraft like a school life simulator

It is also a challenge for teachers; the growing demand for teaching aids opens up a window of opportunity for Minecraft. The core of this project is special map, on which a virtual school (building) with its surroundings was recreated. In the course of the game we encounter real situationsso we can say that in this case we are dealing with a simulator of school life.

Polish language, customs and history

The player learns to talk in Polish, learns the vocabulary, the alphabet, polishes the ability to write, and additionally learns about Polish customs and history of Poland. To achieve this, the locations so familiar to students were placed on the map: the library, the canteen, the playground, the school shop and much more.

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Ash and Pikachu say goodbye to the Pokemon anime. New series on the way

Co-op with the teacher? Why not

In practice, this means that Minecraft teaches ukrainian children how to interact and tells how to behave in a particular situation, all according to the study of the Polish language. The creators of the project implemented a single-player mode and co-op with a teacher. On the basis of one map, two “difficulty levels” were created – one for students in grades 1-3, and the other for grades 4-8. Each level has 10 lesson scenarios.

The map prepared by us meets the requirements for basic communication education as well as social education. I am a gamification enthusiast. In my opinion, games perfectly support the emotionality of students, allow them to get involved in the narrative and through emotions it is easier to assimilate certain content that they are supposed to master at a given educational stage. Hence, they are a very effective educational tool.

Joanna Waszkowska

Polish language teacher at the II Liceum Ogólnokształcące with Bilingual Departments named after Emilia Plater in Sosnowiec

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Games in education. We have something to be proud of

Everything indicates that teachers from Polish schools are more and more willing to use Minecraft. In this matter some trails are blazed by teachers from schools in Wrocławwho decided to diversify the lessons. Another example of the use of gaming in education is the work of 11 bit studios, i.e This War of Mine – a game that has grown to the rank of school reading.

David Nield, journalist of Polygamia

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