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Hunt: Showdown. All about the “Devil’s Moon” event

New game event Hunt: Showdown has become a fact. The Devil’s Moon event is in full swing and will continue until February 15, 2023. It will not be a surprise that the creators have prepared a lot of new products.

Game Hunt: Showdown is now available on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

When the Devil Moon appears in the sky, trapped souls wait to be rescued from the backwaters. And this is just the beginning. Players can choose which side they will side with and have their hunters make a pact that will give them various benefits – they will earn event points to unlock rewards.

During the event, it can start at any time Inferno. Fire will appear periodically on the map. There are also legendary hunters – Widow of Oshenkov and False Saint, as well as new weapons, consumables and gun charms. As part of the new challenges, they will also be available weekly tasks, for completing which the player will earn event points. Two Battle Passes, on the other hand, allow you to earn further rewards

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Inferno will appear over the bayou for the first time. The mode is available on selected days and on selected maps in Hunt: Showdown. This unpredictable state of the map means even more dangerous and exciting gameplay. In order to survive and win, players must fight their way through the raging flames.

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Hunt: Showdown – Devil’s Moon


As part of the new challenge system, players can earn event points. New challenges are available each week for each quest completed players get starswhich can be exchanged for event points.

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During the event Devil Moon each player can take a side. The live event consists of 15 chapters. By making a pact with a hunter, players will receive various benefits and perks during the event that suit different playstyles. Some hunters can also take advantage of the bonuses provided by event points.

Rewards and Battle Pass

The new Battle Pass allows players to unlock 51 items in 51 levelsincluding 2 Legendary Hunters, 2 Weapon Charms, 5 Weapons, 7 Blood Bond Rewards worth up to 1,000 Blood Bonds in total, 10 Legendary Weapon Skins, and 7 Custom Ammo. Among the prizes will be, above all, legendary hunters – the Widow of Oshenkov and the False Saint, as well as weapons, including the Springfield M1892 Krag slide-and-turn rifle, the LeMat Mark II shotgun and the Martini-Henry IC1 rifle.

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Event Store and Downloadable Content

With the start of the live event Devil Moon there will be new downloadable content – “Frau Perchta”. It will include a new legendary hunter and a new legendary weapon. The new Frau Perchta hunter is available in two variants – this is the first such solution in the game. On the occasion of Christmas popular holiday items will return to the shop for the duration of the event. There will also be new weapon charms.

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