ICW Fight Forever: Push it to the Limit – Event Card

ICW: all the matches announced for Fight Forever 31: Push it to the Limit, the next show of the Italian Championship Wrestling.

Tomorrow day will see again Saint Paul of Argonin the province of Bergamo, as a theater for a new appointment by Fight Foreverthe flagship format of the historic Lombard promotion.

After Too hot to handlethirtieth edition featuring the former WWE Scotty 2 HottyFight Forever 31 will bear the name of Push it to the limit and will see a string of unpublished and interesting encounters, seasoned by the presence of Japanese talent Kodai Nozakia name rather known at home for his past in Kyushu Pro Wrestling, a promotion in which the former ICW Tag Team Champions, the Brixia Bone Breakers.

ICW Fight Forever 31: Push it to the Limit.- The complete card

Having said that, let’s find out all matches announced for ICW Fight Forever 31: Push it to the Limit!

  • Single Match for the Fight Forever Title: Gabriel Bach (c) vs. Luke Bjorn
  • 4-Way Match for the role of First Challenger to the Lightweight Title: Nick Freddi vs. goro vs. Falcon vs. The Cheetah
  • Single Match for the Interregional Title: Tony Callaghan (c) vs. Dave Atlas
  • Single Match: Kodai Nozaki vs. Dennis
  • Tag Team Match for the role of First Challengers at the Couple Titles: Alexander Corleone And Andy Manero vs. Double Speed (Spencer and Zoom)
  • Single Match for the Italian Title: Trevis Montana (c) vs. Jesse Jones

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