Jake Lee will leave AJPW at the end of 2022

All Japan Pro-Wrestling star Jake Lee will leave the Japanese promotion at the end of the current year as revealed at a press conference.

There AJPW extension indeed he announced the farewell on December 31st of three wrestlers of the federation. In fact, not only the aforementioned Korean but also will greet All Japan Izanagi and old acquaintance of the WWE public TAJIRI.

Lee is without a doubt one of the most talented athletes in the business and as he himself stated in the press conference it is ready for new challenges since life is oneimplying of have no intention of leaving professional wrestling.

What will be the future of Jake Lee?

Jake Lee he is an absolute champion of the team, capable of conquering, among other things, on two occasions the Triple Crown Championship, the highest prize of AJPW extension.

The Korean star (whom we had the honor of interviewing HERE) is ready for new challenges and the hypothesis is getting wider and wider New Japan Pro Wrestling.

Updates will follow on the subject.

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