Jake Paul doesn’t rule out a future in WWE

Jake Paul, brother of Logan Paul, spoke of a possible future in the WWE rings, especially after what was seen at Crown Jewel.

The boxer and great YouTube star has already taken part in the last one Premium Live Event of the federation that took place in Saudi Arabia yesterday afternoon.

Jake intervened in the show’s main event and tried to help his brother defeat theUndisputed WWE Universal Champion in charge Roman Reigns. Also thanks to the interference of Use brothers and of Only SikoaHowever, the Tribal Chief still managed to successfully defend the title.

Future in WWE for Jake Paul?

Guest at the microphones of Radio Rahim, Jake Paul talked about his possible future in WWE.

“Why not? It was really a lot of fun. I liked it, I loved it, I loved everything. Everyone here in WWE has been great, they’ve helped me a lot. It looks like a fantastic company and I would love to be a part of it. The Paul brothers will be WWE champions. “

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