Jake Paul: video with a lot of voice and Hulk Hogan themed look

Jake Paul went to see the event where Floyd Mayweather fought against Deji Olatunji wearing a Hulk Hogan shirt, complete with imitation

The stars of the web are making their way into the world of combat sports. There WWE is obviously at the forefront of Logan Paul which even made skeptics change their minds with extraordinary performances in the ring.

His brother, Jake, also appears very interested in the world of sport-entertainment and even appeared in the company’s latest premium live event, Crown Jewel.

Jake Paul in Hulk Hogan style

Jake Paul he really looks like a betrothed to the WWE, even after Crown Jewel. The Youtuber went to see the match between Floyd Mayweather And Deji Olatunji wearing a shirt of Hulk Hogan.

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