Jerry Lawler rushed to hospital

Terrible news arrives on Jerry Lawler’s condition: the commentator and former WWE wrestler was in fact rushed to hospital.

According to reports from PW Insider, it seems that The King fell ill while in Florida during a lunch out with friends and was rushed to the hospital. At the moment precise details about Jerry Lawler’s condition are not knownnor is it known with certainty what happened to him.

PW Insider also stressed that out of respect for the Lawler family no further news on the commentator’s condition will be provided

Concern about Jerry Lawler’s condition

Jerry Lawleralready had wrestling fans worried in the past when he suffered a heart attack while commenting on an episode of Monday Night RAW.

Last week The King attended the kick-off of WWE Royal Rumble 2023and last month he wrestled a match for the 53rd year in a row while maintaining an insane streak.

The colleague Ricky Morton published a post on Twitter about the situation, and other colleagues have also expressed their concern in recent minutes. The hope, of course, is that all goes well.

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