Jon Moxley defeated Bryan Danielson at the AEW Grand Slam

Jon Moxley and Bryan Danielson faced off at AEW Dynamite Grand Slam in the award match of the vacant AEW World Championship.

Great challenge in the main event of the special episode of Dynamite (of which you can find the report HERE and the results HERE) held atArthur Ashe Stadium in New York.

The world title of All Elite Wrestling will be reassigned after the serious injury (also tainted by the post-fight suspension of All Out) of CM Punk.

Tony Khan he opted for a tournament he saw, ironicallytwo members of the Blackpool Combat Club make it all the way to the final. Who got the better of it?

Jon Moxley for the third time champion

Jon Moxley writes history in that of AEW Dynamite Grand Slamgiven that at the end of a huge main event against the stablemate Bryan Danielson He managed to win the AEW World Championship for the third time. Despite the story, now Mox will have to watch out for the next danger: Maxwell Jacob Friedman!

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