Karrion Kross in a recent interview had the opportunity to discuss what his character in WWE is, and how he conceives it.

Two-time NXT Champion he made his return to WWE a few months later the sensational dismissal of November 2021.

Kross has major goals in the company and will definitely be among the most anticipated names in the next Royal Rumble. In the meantime he got to discuss his character in WWE.

Karrion Kross talks about his gimmick

Karrion Kross was recently interviewed by Muscle & Fitness. Among the various topics he also had the opportunity to reveal how he conceives his character in WWE:

“I like to think of Karrion Kross as not a human being. I like to think of him as a dark energy in the room. Like when you walk into a place you know you shouldn’t be, late at night, like a haunted house or something.

You know you shouldn’t be there but feel you have to stay because you are about to see something you won’t be able to see anywhere else! He is the dark energy in the room, manifesting as a person.”