Logan Paul vs Roman Reigns: the words of Jake Paul

Logan Paul and Roman Reigns will most likely compete in WWE Crown Jewel: what does Jake Paul think of all this?

In the last episode of Friday Night Smack down aired last night (click HERE! to find the live report of the episode) we witnessed the return to WWE of the star of YouTube which, as rumored on the web already starting from late yesterday afternoon, has launched the challenge to Roman Reigns.

Waiting for the press conference that should be held in a few hours in Las Vegas, Jake Paul wanted to comment on Twitter on the possible match between his brother and theUndisptued WWE Universal Champion.

Would Logan Paul KO Roman Reigns? Jake Paul’s opinion

Here is that what he wrote Jake Paul About the possible match between Logan Paul and Roman Reigns:

“No offense Heyman, but Logan would KO your Roman Reigns easily …”

Will this really go to Crown Jewel?

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