Luigi Primo appears once again at AEW Dynamite

Luigi Primo appeared once again at AEW Dynamite, bringing pizza to the whole Jericho Appreciation Society.

The last episode of the Wednesday night show All Elite Wrestling (of which you can find our report HERE) opened with all the JAS ready to enter the ring.

The group, completely dressed in purple, celebrated the victory of Chris Jericho that seven days ago, during AEW Dynamite Grand Slammanaged to conquer the Ring of Honor World Championship.

A party in all respects and to enrich everything there was the presence of Pizzaprepared by a special pizza chef.

Luigi Primo knocked out

It was to prepare all the pizza Luigi Primo, recently appeared in AEW, which was shortly thereafter KO’d by Daniel Garciaunnerved by the bad gift received and by the constant bickering with The Wizard.

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