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Netflix plans to make a AAA game. One detail betrayed their plans

Netflix reminds you of its existence in the gaming industry again and again, and it does so in several ways. First, we’re talking about adaptations of popular brandssuch as Gears of War or the series Horizon Zero Dawn. It works the other way too; popular series can count on their own “gaming adaptation” and is a good example Stranger Things.

Another way to offer content within Netflix Games. Importantly, it is not a separate service! If we pay the “ordinary” subscription, it’s in the package we get free games, and here is the first piece of evidence. But Netflix’s ambitions go much further.

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Netflix wants to make its own AAA game

Netflix is ​​looking for a Game Director, and immediately. The proof is the job offer available on, where the position is described in detail and responsibilities.

As Game Director, you will be the creative leader of one of the first generation of original games developed by Netflix’s internal structures.

Job offer for Netflix Games

What we can deduce from this offer?

  • Netflix plans to create “a brand new AAA PC game”;
  • The project (most likely) will be created thanks to the Unreal Engine;
  • The game will put a lot of emphasis on social aspects
  • The ideal candidate for the position of game director should have “experience with FPS games and/or third-person shooters”.
Netflix is ​​taking advantage of Stadia's demise. They are already announcing their own service

Netflix is ​​taking advantage of Stadia’s demise. They are already announcing their own service

Netflix’s offensive continues

So more and more signs point to that Netflix will not give up and will not give up the gaming industry. First, the announcement of cooperation with Ubisoft, then information about the creation of a new game studio and the acquisition of Spry Fox. It’s hard to ignore such signals.

David Nield, journalist of Polygamia

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