New Day: Jason David Frank tribute in a live event

The New Day paid tribute to Jason David Frank, the recently deceased Power Ranger franchisee actor, at a WWE live event.

The last few days the world has had to witness the disappearance of Jason David Frankknown for his role in the beloved brand dei Power Rangers. JDF in fact interpreted the Green Ranger in the first series (Mighty Morphin Power Ranger), then gradually going to play other roles over the seasons.

A name that has an actual value for many kids of the 80s and 90s in particular, who grew up with the myth of colored warriors.

The New Day pays homage to Jason David Frank

An important bond with him certainly had the members of New Day, from which many fans expected a tribute. The Jason David Frank tribute obviously came at a Live Event where Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods they have used their green and white ranger themed ring gear.

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