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Overwatch 2. Blizzard’s servers did not cope with the release of the free game

Yesterday saw the light of day free game Overwatch 2. It was an important event for many players. The online shooter has a devoted group of fans, but not all of them could take part in the game. Blizzard servers buckled under the pressure of the players. Internet users began to outdo each other in who is in the worse position in the queue.

Player with a nickname Carter 426422 he was “lucky”, because before him there were 20 thousand. waiting. We are talking about “happiness” because his friends did not have such a luxury anymore. In their case, we are talking about Fr. 50 thousand players waiting for their turn. To sum up: tens of thousands of volunteers and hours of unproductive waiting. Although the latter is not entirely true, because Internet users they used this time to make jokes.

Thing it is not obviousand the fault does not have to be with the creators. Blizzard claims the servers Overwatch 2 experienced massive DDoS attack. The head of the company spoke on this matter – Mike Ybarra. New reports they inspire optimism; the team is making progress in resolving technical issues and tackling the effects of DDoS attacks. Perhaps today the situation will stabilize and players will start their adventure with Overwatch 2.

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David Nield, journalist of Games Markup

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