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Polish game Inkulinati with release date. Early Access just around the corner

The Polish studio Yaza Games consistently implements its plans, and their crowning achievement is the debut of the picturesque game inculinate. Let’s imagine that we combine certain elements known from such games as Worms if heroes, and we wear it all in medieval clothes.

The Inkulinati are a legendary group that fights against each other in the pages of medieval manuscripts. They fight by drawing beasts with Living Ink. Thanks to this magical substance, the creatures come to life and an epic battle ensues on the parchment. Donkeys blowing trumpets with their butts, bishop’s cats dealing with heretics with prayers, heavy but deadly slugs devouring individuals alive and much, much more.

inculinate in fact, it is an extremely original game and full of humor, quite specific, let’s add. During Game Industry Conference 2022 we had the opportunity to talk to the developers of the game. Where did the idea for this game come from? Why is it so popular in Italy? The following material reveals the unobvious truth.

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Game Industry Conference 2022. An interview with the developers of Inkulinati

Inkulinati targets Early Access – Release Date

Polish developer Yaza Games and publisher Daedalic Entertainment reveal that inculinate will debut (in Early Access) January 31, 2023.

Inkulinati – platforms

inculinate (Early Access) will be available on PC and Mac via Steam, GOG, Microsoft Store (PC only); Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S via Xbox Game Preview and service Game Pass. Along with the full version of the game, the title will go on Switch.

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Inkulinati – demo download

Everyone hungry for a game from the Polish studio Yaza Games can download the demo version inculinate (Steam, Xbox). However, it is worth hurrying up, because this opportunity will be lost at the end January 1, 2023.

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