Record-breaking RAW 30: highest grossing box office ever

RAW 30 is in WWE history as it generated the biggest box office gross ever for an episode of the red show.

The Stamford federation celebrated the 30th anniversary of its longest running show, Monday Night RAW. An episode full of memories, among the many legends who participated, from Rick Flair to Hulk Hogan passing through the DX, Kurt Angle And The Undertaker, and action.

An episode that has garnered positive opinions from fans and that has entered by right in the history of the company.

RAW 30 is in WWE history

The RAW 30 installment is in the history of the Stamford company since it recorded the highest box office gross in the Monday night show’s history.

Fans flocked to the Wells Fargo Arena Of Philadelphiagiving to the WWE a legendary night to say the least.

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