Ricardo La Volpe’s revolutionary idea to make football more attractive: “You have to play with 10”

*Ricardo La Volpe’s proposal

This Monday, Ricardo La Volpe was the guest of the program F-Team of ESPN and left several definitions about current football. One of them generated the astonishment of the members of the panel for its revolutionary nature and generated a debate on social networks.

It is that the former coach of the Mexican team explained that in modern football players have less time to think and that has caused the classic numbers 10 to become extinct and have mutated into other positions. “Football is still 11 against 11 and the dimensions of the field remain the same. Where is the big difference? in the physical,” he explained.

According to the former coach of Vélez and Boca Juniors, he assured that the physical work to which the footballers are subjected has meant that those who have the ball no longer have too much time to be able to move and make good decisions: “It is more difficult today to see technical players because today they do not have the timeoy the distance to play. In the time before, there were 10 like Maradona, Potente, Riquelme, Insúa, D’Alessandro, Aimar, whoever they want. But today there is no time to receive, turn and play”.

Ricardo La Volpe’s last experience as a coach was in Toluca, in 2019 (Getty Images)

In this sense, he was surprised to make a proposal that would completely change the game: “If we want to see that beautiful football of higher quality again, we have to play with 10″, sentenced. In his eyes, this would immediately generate spaces between the lines that would allow the reappearance of these classic hooks: “It’s to give the player more time and distance.”

Even, The Volpe He continued expressing these types of ideas and maintained that the arrival of the VAR has been a mistake: “Since there is more speed and the referee does not reach the playwasn’t it better to play with two referees?”. At this point, he stressed that the great error of technology is the loss of perspective of the action: “When you kick, the leg follows by inertia. So I hit the ball and then I hit him (the rival) and they sent me off. They see a slow motion, a photo. There is no soccer action, I think. In addition, he targeted those who are in the cockpit of the VAR: “At least put a player who has a vision of the play.”

On the other hand, less than two months before the start of the Qatar World Cupargued that the Argentina Y Brazil They are firm candidates to win the maximum trophy, especially since both have a very good midfield, according to their eyes. In turn, he took the opportunity to leave his support for the Mexican team led by Gerardo daddy Martino: “I want the fifth game to pass”.


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