Roger Federer’s call to Nadal that changed the Spaniard’s plans in the Laver Cup

Roger Federer spoke with Nadal ten days before the start of the tournament (Reuters)

Roger Federer lived an emotional farewell during the Laver Cup that took place at the O2 Arena in London. Your Majesty he retired from professional tennis but before that he had the pleasure of playing his last match accompanied by what used to be his greatest sporting rival, Rafael Nadal.

Despite the duel, which ended in defeat against the Sock-Tiafoe duo 4-6, 7-6 and 10-9, both were very happy to the point of ending the day in tears in an image that traveled the world.

The Spanish tennis player recently spoke about that moment in Spanish media such as Radio Stadium Night of Zero Wave Y the big game of the COPE Chain, and it was in dialogue with them that he revealed how it was the call of the Swiss that completely changed his plans.

The emotional photo of Federer and Nadal during the first day of the Laver Cup (USA Today Sports)
The emotional photo of Federer and Nadal during the first day of the Laver Cup (USA Today Sports)

“He called me about ten days before and it was a difficult conversation,” The Spaniard explained to the radio program referring to the personal situation he is going through and that complicated his presence in the Laver Cup. “That he wanted to spend his last moment with me has been a great honor”he added.

Later, in the big game, expanded on those statements: “He told me ten days before announcing it but he didn’t even know if he could play doubles, because of his knee. We started the conversation a week later, and he also knew that because of my situation, I can’t be away from home for long. The only thing I could say to him is ‘confirm that you’re going to play to manage everything, and as little as I can, I’ll be with you, whether you play or not’”.

It should be noted that The man from Manacorí is sweetly awaiting the birth of his first child with Xisca Mary Perello. Everything seems to indicate that the baby will be born in the first days of October. For this reason, after being present on the first day, Rafael Nadal left London to be with his wife.

Nadal was present at Roger Federer's last match (AFP)
Nadal was present at Roger Federer’s last match (AFP)

“It was a combination of feelings. I was excited and motivated to play the game and nervous because it was a special moment.”explained the 36-year-old tennis player about the fact of sharing a pair with Federer and added: “One of the greatest icons in the history of sport is leaving.”

On the emotional image that went viral in which both referents were seen crying hand in hand, he acknowledged that, “I did not want to cry, but I am a sensitive person and seeing him like this made it very difficult for me”, while on the Cope program he insisted: “When I got to my room, I got excited again. But for what was experienced on that night, it was difficult not to get emotional “

Regarding his rivalry, Nadal is clear: “Our games were different, what was breathed in the atmosphere were sensations different from what happens in any other game. They were very special moments. We have known how to live the rivalry and live it well. We understood that the personal relationship was more important than anything else”.

Finally, in both media he spoke about his retirement: “Although my physique in recent times has not worked on a day-to-day basis, my head tells me that I still want to continue”.

“I know that the moment of my retirement will come within ‘x’ or ‘x’ plus a little, but at 36 and a half years old we are in the final stretch of my career. But Now I neither consider it nor do I want to consider it. My emotion was not because of that, but because of the appreciation I feel towards Federer”, she sentenced.


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