Ronda Rousey, a great combat expert and now a very important figure also in Pro Wrestling, is wondering if the fight that took place immediately after All Out is real.

Ronda Rousey is a very important figure for both Wrestling and Combat Sports and when she makes statements she always draws attention to herself. La Rousey During her wrestling career she won several titles important in WWE including the belt of SmackDown Women’s Champion on May 8, 2022. This last reign was not very long and it has been finished by the current champion Liv Morgan in July 2022 during the PPV Money In The Bank. Ronda is currently looking forward to fighting Liv Morgan again at Extreme Rules.

The former MMA Fighter recently talked about the brawl he involved CM Punk and the members ofElite.

Ronda Rousey: “Are you sure it wasn’t an AEW work?”

During a live streaming some fans asked Ronda Rousey what did he think of the brawl in AEW after PPV All Out. The athlete’s response was not long in coming. Ronda, in fact, questioned the veracity of the brawl saying that, despite not being present, the struggle it would have felt more like a work than a real street fight. Many are asking the same thing but the fact remains that many wrestlers, including also CM Punk And Kenny OmegaI am currently suspended.

The same CM Punkin addition to being punished, he suffered a serious injury which will take him away from the ring for nearly eight months.

The words Ronda Rousey can be found by watching the video attached right below.