Ryback wins WWE case, now wants to get back in the ring

Ryback continues to be one of the most talked about names in Pro-Wrestling, and his return to action could be very close.

It’s been several years now the former Big Guy doesn’t fight, with his potential return having his many supporters and haters talking very often. Most people on social media have taken sides against this possibility mainly because of too harsh and critical messages posted by Ryback on his social networks. It seems that this portion of fans may be disappointed in this regard, however.

The former WWE has indeed won a case against the Stamford companyand as soon as he receives the official documents he said he is ready to go back to fighting.

Will Ryback return to fight?

During an interview with MuscleManMalcolm, Ryback he claimed to winning a lawsuit over the use of his ring name against WWEto later reveal that his next goal will be to get back into action:

“I finally won the Ryback trademark case. We are just waiting for the official documentation, which may still take a few months, but once the documentation is in my hands we can move forward and resume doing business. I’m healthy and ready to get back into action.”

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