Saraya, as revealed by Dave Meltzer, was deemed unfit to wrestle by doctors prior to her All Elite Wrestling debut.

The former Paige made his sensational debut in the Jacksonville federation by intervening in the post match of the four-way match.AEW Women’s World Cyhampionship held during the last episode of AEW Dynamite Grand Slam.

A debut in AEW welcomed with enormous enthusiasm by fans, with a truly amazing roar. The future of the former Divas Champion is not clear, even given his own delicate medical situationbut it seems very likely that fans will be able to see her back in the ring a few years after the last time.

Saraya was not ready to fight

Dave Meltzer tried to answer the question about the future of Sarayaspecifying how until recently he still did not have the doctors’ okay to fight:

“There is no answer to the question of what role he will play, whether he will fight regularly, infrequently or not at all. It got a huge surprise pop, but this sort of thing always elicits this reaction.

Pops and surprises are cool, but their long-term value is nil if they cost a lot of money. If he struggles and manages to reach his previous level, it would be a good addition. But it was particular that he didn’t touch anyone, which was also the case in WWE.

We are told she hasn’t been cleared recently, which would explain the fact that she didn’t touch anyone, but she would like to be allowed to fight. In a few weeks she will be the referee for her family federation in WAW. “