Sasha Banks also changes her Twitter nickname

Sasha Banks, after a long period of absence from WWE, has also officially changed the nickname on his official Twitter profile.

One of the most commented topics in recent months is the story of the expulsion of Sasha Banks And Naomi by the federation. The two wrestlers were suspended for abandoning an episode of Monday Night RAW shortly before the live broadcast, only after having delivered the female Tag Team belts to John Laurinaitis.

The former champions have engaged in other fields and areas during the absence from the ring, but the fans have never given up the desire to see them again in WWEespecially after the landing of Triple H at the command of the Creative Team.

Sasha Banks has a new nickname: @MercedesVarnado!

Sasha Banks has recently also updated her nickname: if before she could have been tagged by writing @SashaBanksWWE, from now on this will no longer be possible. The Legit Boss has in fact changed her nickname to @MercedesVarnadothus removing the reference to the Stamford federation.

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