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She had been collecting them for 25 years. Her Pokemon collection is worth PLN 1.5 million

Collectables related to the Pokemon brand can be worth a real fortune. Just take a look at the list of the most expensive Pokemon cards to realize that these inconspicuous items are something more than a common “piece of paper”. It turns out that such an investment can be a recipe for a difficult financial situation.

As reported by the BBC, a woman in Hertfordshire wants to sell her collection of Pokemon items. The collector wants to remain anonymous and it is no wonder, as there are serious amounts involved. This unique the collection consists of 20 thousand. itemssuch as rare cards, posters, movies, toys, books and of course games. This is the largest collection ever to hit the market.

The Derbyshire-based auction firm believes the value of this collection is approx 300 thousand British pounds. The owner wants to get rid of these items due to the unfavorable financial situation. It is noteworthy that collecting them took over 25 years. The auction will take place on October 18and the only thing this woman will keep is a Guinness Record Certificate.

David Nield, journalist of Games Markup

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