Sheamus talks about his relationship with young Superstars

Sheamus gave an interview to CBS Sports and talked about his relationship with young WWE athletes and the Brawling Brutes.

Sheamus joined WWE in 2006 and after just 3 years he made it to the main roster moving from both RAW and SmackDown where he is currently.

Over the years it has seen tons of Superstars come and go but a few times some of them have left their mark maybe even radically changing the approach of veterans like him. The Celtic Warrior wanted to explain what: all these new athletes and these changes within the locker room had a great meaning for him, and he did it through an interview with the sports channel CBS Sports.

Sheamus: “Young athletes represent something fresh, something new”

During an interview with CBS Sports’ Shakiel Mahjouri Sheamus talked about his relationship with young talents and especially with his companions Brawling Brutes. Here are his words:

“There’s always been a mental assumption that young athletes represent something fresh and you have to use that as motivation. You don’t exploit them to throw them to the ground but you use them to make them grow and become a source of inspiration. Ridge has that street thug look that suits both me and him, while Butch I already knew how good he was, his mind is amazing. With them there has never been that relationship in which, as a veteran that I am, I say something like “I’ve been here the longest, this is my idea, this is how it is done.”

The collaboration between Butch, Ridge Holland and Sheamus has made it clear in recent months how much a strong and united team and earned many appearances on WWE TV shows. They will be great on Saturday protagonists at the WarGames and this is the fruit of their hard work.

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