Talleres hit the Monumental: they beat River Plate 1-0 on the hour and complicated it in the Professional League

After the triumph and provisional leadership of Boca Juniors against Godoy Cruz in Mendoza, River Plate played one of his last cards to stay on in the fight for the title. Nevertheless, ran into a hard Workshops of Cordoba, which beat on time with a goal from diego ortegoza and practically took him away from all fighting.

The Millionaire remains seven units from the top, with six dates ahead and four other teams up in addition to Xeneize. The difference can be stretched even further if Atlético Tucumán beats Estudiantes de La Plata this Sunday, since the Dean would reach the top again with 41. The referee was Facundo Tello and he televised TNT Sports.

River Plate and Talleres de Córdoba starred in an entertaining first half, although in terms of arrivals they were scarce. It was difficult for the Millionaire to impose his usual game and dominance and the T abused medium-distance shots. However, both were able to score some goals, but the lack of precision in the definition played tricks on them.

The cast of Marcelo Gallardo, who had Borja as a striker, along with Solari and Barco accompanying, did not have the necessary pressure to drown the rival, who found in the deep aerial game the best formula to hurt the Millionaire. Especially on the side of Héctor David Martínez, who stood as a side on the left. In that place, the Colombian Valoyes stood out with his typical gambetas, and also Pizzini, who tried repeatedly from afar.

Except for the moment of lack of coordination between Rafael Pérez and Enzo Díaz, who almost did not finish the pineapples. Yes, the teammates of the defense of the T had to be separated by the referee Facundo Tello so that the situation did not escalate.

As was said, Fancisco Pizzini was the one who tried the most from mid-distance with shots from the crescent and the vertex of the large area. Valoyes scored with a very clear chance at 28, but he defined very poorly under the goal and Catalán almost converted after the corner, but he found a very well placed Centurión to bag.

By the middle of the stage, the control of the ball was even. River Plate was dangerous with Pablo Solari on the right, but resolved poorly in two situations that could have been very clear. a cross was good enough for Miguel Borja to head alone into the hands of goalkeeper Herrera. In addition, Simón also searched from medium distance, but high.

In the complement, Talleres did not change the tone of his search and complicated River Plate. Barco had his chance after four minutes, but it seemed that the Millionaire never felt comfortable in the game. After a controversial action that the entire visiting team protested, due to an elbow by Milton Casco to Enzo Díaz that Facundo Tello admonished, the clearest action so far was at 14 with an excellent collective play by the T that had first-class touches, Back header and heel between Valoyes, Villagra and Garro, who defined the goal, so that the goalkeeper Centurión sent the corner in a spectacular way with a slap.

Gallardo sought greater offensive power with the entry of Quintero by Barco, but was unsuccessful. Valoyes once again had a chance that goalkeeper Centurion denied him. El Muñeco sent Paradela and Beltrán to the field, but the Colombian was the danger card of Talleres de Córdoba. However, he again ran into the River Plate goalkeeper who had a great day.

And when the game was over, and in a chance in favor of the local team with the whole team focused on attack, there was a lethal counter for the Cordoba team taken by Diego Ortegoza, who had rejected in his area, and ran from his field with ball to the foot and defined a stick. Madness in Talleres de Córdoba that has not stopped adding since the arrival of Javier Gandolfi to the technical leadership. Quite the opposite in River Plate, which now sees its aspirations to go for the title very complicated.

For this clash Marcelo Gallardo suffered a significant number of casualties between injured, suspended and summoned to participate in the FIFA Date. The first change was in the goal, since Franco Armani was summoned by Lionel Scaloni in the Argentine team. In addition, the Chilean Paulo Díaz was summoned by his selection and Andrés Herrera had to meet the suspension date for his expulsion against San Lorenzo. Enzo Pérez had to comply with the same situation, while Nicolás De La Cruz was also called up to the Uruguayan National Team.


River Plate: Ezekiel Centurion; Milton Casco, Emanuel Mammana, Javier Pinola, David Martinez; Bruno Zuculini, Santiago Simón, Agustín Palavecino, Esequiel Barco; Pablo Solari and Miguel Borja. DT: Marcel Gallardo.

Workshops: Guido Herrera; Gastón Benavídez, Matías Catalán, Rafael Pérez, Enzo Díaz; Rodrigo Villagra, Christian Oliva; Diego Valoyes, Rodrigo Garro, Francisco Pizzini; and Matias Godoy. DT: Xavier Gandolfi.

Stadium: Antonio Vespucio Liberti (Monumental).

Referee: Facundo Tello.

Television: TNT Sports.

Positions table:

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