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Temtem: game that promises to compete with Pokémon is released on PC and consoles

Temtem: game that promises to compete with Pokémon is released on PC and consoles

Since Pokémon debuted in the 90s, the Game Freak and Nintendo franchise has already won a number of other competitors, who try to emulate the success of the saga and dilute its popularity, but even after almost 30 years, it still remains at the top. .

In recent years, however, a new contender for the Pokémon competitor post has emerged. Known as Temtem, the game that launched in advance on Steam in 2020 finally launched definitively this week, for PC and consoles.

After Digimon, Monster Rancher and so many others, it’s time for Temtem to face Pokémon and introduce players to a new type of catch game.

With a solo or cooperative campaign, the game offers an exploration experience on six different islands, where your objective is to capture as many species of monsters as possible, in addition to overcoming the challenges imposed by the Dojo masters. Also, you can buy a house and customize it however you want.

In addition to the house, players can also customize their character. Another highlight is the competitive battles, where you form a team with little monsters to face enemies and you also have the option to banish a little monster.

The title has a fictional currency system, which links with the creation of new species of monsters, as well as a battle pass with free and paid rewards with real money.

Temtem is available for PC, Xbox Series X, PlayStation 5 and Nintendo Switch and the game price varies by platform.

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