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The Chinese are investing in Rebel Wolves. They made The Witcher 3

In February 2022 Konrad Tomaszkiewicz (director The Witcher 3) announced the formation of Rebel Wolves. The team includes such personalities as Daniel Sadowski, Tamara Zawada, Jakub Szamałek and Bartłomiej Gaweł. They are not random people, but real people veterans of their craft; co-created hits such as The Witcher 3 and Cyberpunk 2077.

Rebel Wolves has very ambitious plans: the studio wants to create its own game saga in a dark fantasy RPG atmosphere, using the engine Unreal Engine 5. It turns out that the Polish team has found an investor. It is Chinese NetEase, which he leads Ding Lei.

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The Chinese are investing in a Polish studio

NetEase Games will become a shareholder of the Polish studio Rebel Wolves. Konrad Tomaszkiewiczin an interview with Game Developer, explains what such an investment means in practice.

The NetEase investment is part of our long-term strategy and financially secures our team and the project. Nowadays, financial security and the support of a global player make us more confident. It also allows us to implement prepared plans with maximum efficiency.

Konrad Tomaszkiewicz

Now it remains to wait for the first effects of the work. We currently only have one concept art for the new game from Rebel Wolveswhich suggests that the project is not at an advanced stage.

NetEase Games Problems?

Being at NetEase Games, it is worth recalling that Blizzard did not extend the contract with this company, because no agreement was reached. In practice, this means that games like Overwatch if Diablo 3 they will soon stop operating in China.

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