The controversy of San Lorenzo-River Plate: why Nicolás Blandi’s goal should have been penalized for the Cyclone

Casco’s push to Blandi and the striker’s disallowed goal

River Plate returned to victory this Sunday after two defeats and recovered in the classic that beat San Lorenzo 1-0 in the Pedro Bidegain Stadium. However, in the epilogue of the match there was the great controversy of the afternoon and it was a play in which Nicolás Blandi’s goal was annulled for an advanced position. The striker was left offside after a push from Milton Casco that the referee did not perceive Patrick Loustau, his assistants, nor the VAR. Gross error of the arbitral body.

The play originated at 43 minutes of the complement when a cross came from the left and Blandi equalized, but the Barça attacker touched the ball in an advanced position. Although the local player had the mitigation of the previous foul committed by the visiting footballer. Because in the repetition it is clearly seen that the push exists.

This action of the push contains two condiments: one, the action applied with a force and a consequence that has the identity of penalty shot sanction; and if there had been a prohibited position in the event of two simultaneous fouls, according to the regulations, the most serious must be sanctioned, ergo penalty kick and yellow card for Casco, whose Pushing is fully punishable anywhere on the field as a free kick foul.

Of course, it must have been criminal. The offside must be sanctioned when Blandi touches the ball, but in case of simultaneous faults, the push is sanctioned as the most serious. Therefore, if the striker had not been ahead and the action did not end in a goal, Casco’s push would have generated the lack of penalty. This is a pure rule, there is no subjectivity or interpretation.

The team led by Marcelo Gallardo He went further and controlled the actions, but he was unable to settle the match after the goal won by Emmanuel Mama. In the complement he continued with possession, although he was unable to close the match. In fact, in the last minutes he left space for San Lorenzo to get closer and in fact, in one of his plays, said controversy arose.

The situation generated anger from the local public and there were several complaints from its players and coaching staff. In fact, an assistant to Ruben Darío Insua was expelled. It was a hot game, with a strong leg and friction. There was nine booked, five by River Plate and four by San Lorenzo. Also, Marcelo Herrerathe former Cyclone player and now in the Millionaire, saw a red card for receiving two yellow cards.

“I don’t know if it was early or not. I went to the edge of the defenders’ line because my intention was to anticipate the goalkeeper because I knew that the center was going to come strong. In a moment I feel that they touch me from behind and because of that touch I take a step forward and maybe I am ahead. I don’t know, I would have to watch it on TV. I try to go to the limit with the line of defenders, but I don’t know who he was (the one who pushed him), ”Blandi told ESPN after the match.

Within the framework of date 20 of the Professional League, San Lorenzo came from four draws in a row and River Plate was able to return to the victory that positioned it fifth in the championship, 4 points behind the only leader, Gimnasia y Esgrima La Plata, who will visit Central Córdoba in Santiago del Estero on Tuesday from 8:30 p.m.


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