The Iron Sheik threatens Jake Paul on Twitter

The Iron Sheik, legendary WWE Hall of Famer, heavily threatened Jake Paul, the brother of Logan Paul, Roman Reigns’ next opponent.

The young American YouTuber is also enjoying great success in the boxing world: just yesterday evening, in fact, JP faced and defeated former UFC fighter Anderson Silva in a boxing match followed and commented on all over the world.

The former wrestler of the WWE he has never been a big fan of Jake Paul: in the past he had already threatened to break his back with his Camel Clutchwhile just a few hours ago he arrived another tweet from Iron Sheik right against Jake Paul.

The Iron Sheik tweet against Jake Paul

Here is the post published by The Iron Sheik on his official Twitter profile, where he threatens Jake Paul to break his neck using only his little finger:

Iron Sheik’s tweet (@the_ironsheik)

Click HERE! to find the summary of the match between Jake Paul And Anderson Silva!

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