The new hit of the Argentine team for the Qatar World Cup: the song for the Scaloneta to the rhythm of Bizarrap and Quevedo

There is no doubt that the Argentine producer Bizarre is one of the great phenomena of recent music, but the last collaboration he made with the Spanish artist Quevedo broke all parameters. BZRP Music Sessions #52 climbed to number 1 in the world chart shortly after its release and is on track to be the video with the most views on the channel a few weeks after it was released. However, now he added a new star to his successful path: became a field song.

A group of friends released a video clarifying that they had made “the World Cup song.” To the rhythm of the melody of session 52, they sang to Lionel Messi a song designed to be played in the stands during the World Cup in Qatar. “This is crazy from the cradle, we already have two cups now we want three, one was brought by Diego, this one is brought by Lionel, we are going to be champions like in 1986. Lionel, you deserve this cup, we are going to win the Scaloneta the games that I no longer want anything that is not with Lio ”points out the letter that has already circulated strongly on social networks.

The topic initially came up on the profile “benjatoressss” of TikTok, where the user who has 39 thousand followers shared three different videos showing the process to create the song. One of those films broke all the limits, until surpassing the 4 million views. “We uploaded the World Cup song that went viral,” she wrote. “The World Cup song is already a fact,” she insisted.

They were not the only soccer fans who supported this success of the Argentine producer and the Spanish singer. The Betis fans also decided to use the rhythm to encourage their team, to the point that even the club’s official account shared a video with the new hit. “Once again, that the cup returns home, I have the goals and all the games in mind, that I want to raise it again with you,” the fan explodes in one part of the song.

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