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The review caused a storm. Sonic Frontiers fans dissatisfied

An interesting phenomenon has occurred in the world of electronic entertainment. Popular YouTuber with a nickname videogamedunkey posted his review of the game Sonic Frontiers. It should be noted that it is kept in a playful tone and, to put it mildly, makes fun of the game about the blue hedgehog.

I got acquainted with this material and I must admit that it really made me laugh a few times. Of course, most people probably won’t even pay attention to this review, but it had a surprisingly large influence on the behavior of Sonic fans.

As reported by TheGamer, the Internet was in turmoil, and a large group of fast hedgehog enthusiasts took part in the war for ratings. Side Metacritic was flooded with 10/10 ratings and in some comments you can come across direct references to a mocking review. Sometimes you can also notice the 0/10 notes, which also mention the YouTuber review and are to be an attempt at the so-called review bombing.

All the confusion is due to, among others from the fact that at the very end videogamedunkey displayed a high rating of the game Sonic Frontiersand then juxtaposed it with masterpieces, such as Red Dead Redemption 2 if Elden Ring.

Metacritic Ratings
Photo source: © YouTube | videogamedunkey
Metacritic Ratings

Of course, game reviews are something very individual, because their authors get to know the product and simply share their experiences. Unfortunately, the ratings of the games have always aroused surprisingly much emotions and I will add that it was completely unnecessary. For example, for some people to show that Sonic Frontiers has a score higher than RDR2 will work like a rag for a bull, but is it really something to worry about?

Personally, I am of the opinion that such situations can only be fun. For example, the so-called User Score for Elden Ring this 7.8 (PS5), while Sonic Frontiers has a result 8.4 (PS5). Taking into account the imperfections and errors shown in the review from videogamedunkey, you can actually smile and have some doubts about it.

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Finally, it is worth recalling the improper situation of threats against one of the reviewers God of War Ragnarok. David Nield wrote about the details.

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Criticized God of War Ragnarok. They pounced on him like animals

Marcin Hołowacz, journalist of Games Markup

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