The video with the first images of the tragic accident of the bus with Boca fans traveling to Mendoza

The tragic accident of the bus that transported Boca Juniors fans to Mendoza and where a 32-year-old woman died

The first video appeared related to the tragic accident of the bus that transported a group of fans of Boca Juniors to Mendoza and in which a 32-year-old woman passed awayidentified as Paola Emilce Fleitas, as confirmed Infobae. In the testimony, it can be seen how the vehicle leaves the asphalt strip and ends up overturning, a fact that is perceived by the cloud of dust that covers the place. Fans traveled to see their team in the quarterfinals of the Copa Argentina at the match against Quilmes in the Malvinas Argentinas Stadium.

This video of the incident was captured from a camera located on the opposite side and on the right angle of the image it can be seen how the earth rises as a result of the bus overturning. The cloud of dust was immense and that is why the vehicles on its section and those on the opposite had to slow down due to the poor visibility.

The bus overturned at the height of the Jorge Ángel Pena racetrack in San Martín on Route 7. The incident registered 27 injuries (three of them in “yellow code”), among whom there is a pregnant woman. Most were referred to the Alfredo Ítalo Perrupato Hospital in that Mendoza town, while others were transferred to clinics in the provincial capital.

A bus with Boca fans overturned in Mendoza

Oscar Sívori, head of the Fiscal Unit of the department of San Martín, confirmed the details of the event. The official part of the prosecution reported that at 12:59 a call entered the emergency line that reported the road accident on National Route No. 7 and Florida Street, San Martín. The bus driver was driving west when his front left tire blew out causing him to lose control of the bus, crossing into the southbound lane before overturning. Jurisdiction, Sectional, Firefighters and Road personnel were present at the site to divert traffic and proceed to the rescue of injured people.

The first images released were taken from a cell phone and they went viral on social networks. You can see the critical moment experienced by Xeneize supporters, who moved with all the emotion and enthusiasm of experiencing a party and supporting their team, but they took with them an unparalleled sadness.

Those who traveled were 32 passengers from supporters clubs from the La Matanza district of Buenos Aires who departed from the town of González Catán. He made it known that part of the delegation of Boca Juniors leaders who arrived in Mendoza on Tuesday made themselves available to the victims immediately when the news began to circulate publicly.

Despite the tragic episode, it was confirmed that the match will be played the same. Boca Juniors will face each other with Quilmes from 22. The winner will advance to the semifinals where they will face the winner of the meeting between River Plate and Board of Trustees. With these keys it is possible that a Superclassic will be given in the next instance.


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