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The witcher Sirius will be something else. The game will appeal to fans of the series

The native company CD Projekt announces five new games, including three witcher projects. One of them is Sirius, which will be built in Boston The Molasses Flood, purchased by CD Projekt in October last year. The studio can boast of such titles as The Flame in the Flood and Drake’s Hollow.

Adam Kiciński points out that Sirius project will be slightly different from previous productions as it will be “targeted at a much wider audience”and even gets a multiplayer mode. Michał Nowakowski, vice president for business development at CD Projekt, has a similar opinion. Conversation with investors provides some interesting tips.

I can definitely say Project Sirius is not a mobile game. When we mentioned it, it was actually talking about a broader demographics. This means that we want to reach people who could not be reached through the current Witcher games. So let’s imagine people who might have watched the show, but don’t necessarily like to play very dark, hardcore RPGs.

Michał Nowakowski

Sirus, most probably, will get rid of many solutions known from the previous parts, and in their place will appear others that make the gameplay less RPG. Netflix fans of The Witcher will surely be pleased; CD Projekt knows perfectly well the potential of the series.

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David Nield, journalist of Games Markup

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