Thunder Rosa celebrates the arrival of Saraya

Pink Thunder missing for some time on the screens of All Elite Wrestlingbut he constantly follows the shows, and has in fact commented on Saraya’s arrival.

The Mexican suffered a bad back injury, which has forced her to be in the pits for several weeks now, and which has therefore led to the crowning of a AEW Women’s Interim Championas it happened for the top male title after the injury of CM Punk.

However, Rosa does not miss what happens in Jacksonville, and has in fact expressed all her joy for the arrival of the ex Paige.

Thunder Rosa celebrates the arrival of Saraya

Thunder Rosa is convinced that the former WWE will be able to improve the level of the AEW women’s division:

“I hope she is ready to fight. He will teach many girls so many things they couldn’t learn without her, wrestling has been her daily bread for a long time. She used to fight in the independent circuit, and one of her strengths is that she doesn’t change her essence, she is still the same person. It will be very interesting. She will bring so much to the women’s division, something that is really needed ”.

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