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Timberborn with news. Polish beavers save food

The Polish studio Mechanistry boasted a new update to Timberborn. This Polish strategy, in which friendly beavers play the main role, regularly receives patches that significantly change the gameplay. The latest update focuses largely on resource storage, but not only.

Three types of objects can be used to store resources in Update 3 – Tanks, Stacks, and Warehouses. Order in logistics is important due to the fact that beavers in Timberborn they produce a lot of resources. The new update allows you to use the “one item per warehouse” rule. The open construction of the new buildings means that the stored resources can now be seen during storage, which increases the visual appeal of beaver colonies.

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There are also new building recycling mechanics in the game. Now the rubble of the removed building is processed by the builders and distributed to the proper warehouses. Some UI elements have also changed. The robobeavers have also been redesigned. All the news that has been introduced to Timberborn in the latest update, presents the latest trailer.

Timberborn still in Early Access. However, the game has been playable for a long time. Currently, it can be purchased on all platforms with 20 percent. Christmas sale discount.

Karol Kołtowski, journalist of Games Markup

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