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Tragic bug in Warzone 2.0. You can ruin someone’s game this way

Premiere Call of Duty: Warzone 2.0 behind us and a few things can already be written about the condition of this free game. First, new Warzone enjoys great interestwhich was rather predictable. However, some players speak of dissatisfaction.

Just take a look at the Steam platform. Well, we have (at the time of writing these words) over 10,000. opinion and overwhelming most of them are negative. Only 35 percent players judges Warzone 2.0 positively. Problems of a technical nature, which Karol Kołtowski wrote about, bow down. One bug in particular makes life difficult for players.

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Bug in DMZ mode

What is the problem? We should redirect our attention to the DMZ mode. A few words about this mode: its mechanics are very similar Escape From Tarkov. In a special menu, we choose three missions and start. In DMZ mode there are a lot of bots that defend different locations (full loot). Our goal is to complete selected tasks and go to the extraction point (there are several of them on the map). And here players should be especially careful.

Clearly something isn’t right here

The above video perfectly illustrates what exactly the problem is. The situation is as follows:

  • the team calls a helicopter at the extraction point
  • players go inside and wait for them to fly away
  • suddenly a player from another team appears and simply kills the entire team through the windshields

Something like this shouldn’t happen. Logically, the attacker should die from the helicopter blades. The mere fact that bullets fly carelessly through glass is also noteworthy. So players should be careful in this particular situation not to spoil the game. Until the developers fix the bugs.

I bought Forza Horizon 5 for PLN 3.50. I haven't played for a long time

I bought Forza Horizon 5 for PLN 3.50. I haven’t played for a long time

David Nield, journalist of Polygamia

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