Triple H recently stated in an interview that in the past he was threatened with firing several times by Vince McMahon.

The Game was one of the most successful athletes in the entire history of WWE. Throughout his career he has allied himself with great athletes such as Ric Flair, Batista And Randy Ortonwith whom he formed the Evolution. Instead during the Attitude Era was one of the principal members of the D-Generation X, in which he fought alongside his historic friend Shawn Michaels.

This couple has always created great problems a Vince McMahon in the storylines, but in an interview Triple H stated that the former WWE CEO he was irritated by DX even backstage.

Triple H threatened with dismissal

Triple H was recently interviewed by SPORTbiblewhere he stated that USA Network was not happy with the vulgar segments brought to the stage RAW from the DXmuch to incite Vince McMahon to fire The Game. Here are the words of the current head of the Creative Team:

“We said ‘Let us use the letter on TV.’ Vince said ‘how?’ and I said ‘we’ll make it comical.’ He said, ‘Okay, make it fun,’ but Vince has a weird feeling of what is fun. We made a kind of presidential podium with the three of us on it, like Shawn was the President and we standing behind him.

We read the whole list and they censored all the words we were not allowed to say. We said ‘This comes directly from the USA and we D-Generation X apologize for our attitude, we will not utter any more forbidden words …’ and so we read the whole list. The next day we got a letter from USA that said ‘Congratulations on listening to last night, what DX did with our letter was a lot of fun. “

Triple H is now the name of the leadership of the WWE which has been revolutionizing shows in recent months. We will see if and how it will continue to amaze us.

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