Trish Stratus on Twitter has firmly opposed the Divas Championship’s return to WWE, as hoped for by Maria Kanellis.

There WWE Hall of Famer is one of the most important wrestlers in the history of the Stamford federations, not only thanks to the rich palmares but also for having been in all respects, together with Lita and a few others, one of the pioneers of women’s wrestling in WWE.

His encounters in the ring inspired a whole generation of girls which then had the opportunity to revolutionize the way of proposing female struggles in the company, eliminating the concept of Divas and moving to a real Women’s Division.

Trish Stratus against the Divas Championship

Maria Kanellis expressed her favor at the return of the Divas Championship, but this statement of hers was strongly rejected by Trish Stratus.

The candese on Twitter bluntly expressed his total opposition to the return of the belt: