Vince McMahon had no champion plans for Cody Rhodes

Vince McMahon, when he was in charge of the WWE, hadn’t established any WWE champion or Universal plan for Cody Rhodes.

There Stamford company has undergone so many changes since Vince McMahon has retired from his role as Chairman. There have been many wrestlers who have returned to the federation since Triple H assumed command of the Creative Teambut what is considered the most important return of 2022 occurred a WrestleMania 38when Stephanie’s father was still in full business.

The episode mentioned above concerns the former athlete AEW Cody Rhodeswhich is out of the picture from the episode of RAW post Hell In A Cell due to a bib injury.

Vince McMahon: the plans for Cody Rhodes

Fightfulwhich has often dealt with indiscretions generated by the withdrawal of Vince McMahonreports that theformer Chairman of the WWE he had no champion plans for Cody Rhodes.

The father-in-law of Triple H he was going to keep Roman Reigns champion for a long time and it is not known what could have happened in the months to come.

L’American Nightmare recently joked about his next return during an interview. We just have to wait for this moment.

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