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World Cup 2022 in Minecraft. Football challenges are waiting

Minecraft regularly surprises players

About creative projects related to the game Minecraftwe have already written many times. In fact, the only thing that limits a community to some extent is your own imagination. And there is no shortage of individual creators, so we can see what they look like minecraft star wars or the biggest city in the history of the game, created for 11 years.

New content for the 2022 World Cup in Qatar

Players are certainly wondering if it’s ongoing 2022 FIFA World Cup they are related to some additional in-game content. It turns out that yes. Minecraft once again surprises and proves that nothing is impossible.

Minecraft and football celebration

Minecraft Marketplace Gets New Content – Soccer Celebration from the creator behind the pseudonym Blockception. And it must be admitted that this map offers a new way to play, directly related to football, including the personalization of stadiums. So we will improve our skills (dribbling, receiving the ball, shooting, passing) to get to the next one “epic championship final” with your mob team.

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The players are delighted

At the time of writing, the content has over 550 ratings, the vast majority of which are positive. Soccer Celebration however, it is not completely free – to get it, you have to pay 1340 minecraft virtual coins.

The Callisto Protocol on the launch trailer. Premiere just around the corner

The Callisto Protocol on the launch trailer. Premiere just around the corner

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